LiFePO4 Smart BMS 4S 12V 100A~200A Same Port Balance With UART RS485


The lifepo4 smart BMS has a balancing function to keep each battery in balance, which can prolong the life of the battery. The intelligent communication port can realize important functions such as real-time battery monitoring, automatic balancing, and intelligent charging and discharging. While ensuring battery safety, it can effectively improve battery utilization.

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Intelligent control: LifePO4 Smart BMS can monitor and feed back battery capacity, voltage, temperature and battery parameters in real time
Security: LifePO4 Smart BMS can actively balance the voltage and other states between single batteries to avoid overcharging and excessive heating of the battery.



LifePO4 Smart BMS is mainly used in LI-ion power batteries and energy storage lithium batteries. Widely used in electric scooters, e-bikes, tourist sightseeing hide, electric tricycles, low-speed EV, emergency UPS, solar street lights, RV& Home energy storage, etc.

Wire connection mode

1. First connect the B- wire to the total negative pole of the battery, and then connect the cable
2. Start wiring from BCO, BC0 is connected to the total negative electrode of the battery, the second cable BC1 is connected to the positive electrode of the first series of batteries, the third cable BC2 is connected to the positive electrode of the second series of batteries, and so on.
3. After connecting the cables, measure the voltage between each two adjacent cables. The voltage of the iron-lithium battery should be less than 3.5V. After checking, insert the cable.