When Summer Comes, Get Ready to Go Solar!

The long sunny days of summer present the perfect opportunity to take advantage of solar power in your home. By planning ahead now, you’ll be prepared to go off grid when high electricity bills tend to arrive.

Why Solar Works Best in Summer

During the summer months, solar panels receive more intense sunlight, producing maximum power output just when your energy needs are highest due to air conditioning and increased home usage. Taking advantage of solar now means lowering bills when they typically surge.

Calculate Your Needs and Select an Installer

First, determine which appliances you want solar to power like fans, lights and small kitchen items. Estimate their daily watt-hour usage to size your battery bank correctly. Then contact 2-3 local installers certified in photovoltaic systems. Provide the usage details gathered to get quotes on customized system designs within your budget. Carefully consider all associated costs.

Battery Storage Options

A. Multiple 12V or 24V batteries connected in series to form a 48V battery system.

Using this approach, modular design allows for starting with fewer batteries and expanding the size of the battery pack over time. When a battery fails, a single battery can be replaced independently without the need to replace the entire battery pack. Parallel wiring allows each battery to be charged directly from the solar panel, achieving faster and more efficient charging.

However, due to the large number of wiring, installation and maintenance are more complex.

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B. Using a single larger 48V battery directly in the system.

This provides a more integrated packaged solution requiring less installation work. Maintenance involves servicing just one large battery rather than multiple smaller ones.

However, a single point of failure means the whole bank needs replacing if the one large battery fails or needs upgrading.

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Install and Go Off-Grid!

Once fully planned, licensed technicians can safely mount your solar panels and wire the entire setup. Be sure proper grounding and lightning protection is in place.

Then sit back and enjoy affordable, reliable power all the time!

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