Higee 280Ah LiFePO4 Prismatic Battery Cells


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1.High Quality:100%Grade A, high-quality Higee 280Ah LiFePO4 Prismatic Batteries with original Higee QR code.

2.Long Lifetime: Each lifepo4 battery cell is rated 280Ah capacity and with high consistency. batteries, these batteries offer nearly double the run time.

3.New Inside Structure: We start with new technology, utilizing an internal lamination structure, keeping batteries from bulging when it is full of power, and no leaking problem as well. Ensuring your safety and protection for daily use.

4.For Different Applications: Higee 280Ah LiFePO4 Prismatic Battery Cells suit for the Electric bicycle/motorcycle/scooter energy storage, solar power system, UPS electric appliances power supply, golf trolley/carts power tools.

5.Full Parts Included: One Higee 280Ah LiFePO4 Cell will come with one set busbar, bolt, and washer for free. Easy to enjoy green energy.

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Item Performance
Brand Higee
Battery Model LFP71173205E-280Ah
Cell Grade Brand New Grade A Cell
Chemistry Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4 or LFP)
Nominal Capacity 280Ah
Nominal Voltage 3.2V
Operational Voltage 2.5V-3.65V
AC Impedance Resistance ≤0.18mΩ
Weight ≤5.5kg
Dimensions (mm) 174.3*205*71.8±0.5mm
Cycle Life ≥6000 cycles
Residual Capacity Loss Per month ≤3.0%
Charging Temperature 0℃~45℃
Discharging Temperature -20℃~50℃
Storage Temperature -30℃~45℃


Product Feature

  • Highly automated production equipment to ensure battery consistency.
  • Square aluminum shell structure, high-precision explosion-proof valve design, good safety performance.
  • Low internal resistance, high discharge rate, and stable discharge platform.
  • Green environment, ISO14000 approval, products meet GB and UN criteria, and ROHS compliant.
  • Long cycle life.


Product Application And Connection

Electric vehicle, electric bikes, scooters, boats, submarines, golf carts, communications, energy storage, Intelligent network, etc.

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