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BMS{Bluetooth bulit-in}

* Temperature sensor(40cm)

* Balance Wires(75cm)

* Active Switch(15cm)

*Heating cable(Only for BMS With Heat Function)

H:BMS With Heat Function

C:BMS With CANBUS chip Bulit-in

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Buyer Note:

*Note: Instructions for heating cables,

The green 5PIN wire of the heating wire needs to be connected to the heating pad,

The remaining black and red cables connect to the smart charger

(After the smart charger is linked to the BMS,

It detects the temperature of the battery through BMS,

Automatically monitor battery charging status)

Hot function interface

Heating function description:

When the battery temperature is lower than low temperature charging protection, charging is turned off and heating is turned on.

Low temperature charging protection is a parameter that can be set in the APP

The heating power depends on the battery voltage and the resistance value of the heating film.

Battery voltage U.

Thermal resistor R.

Power is equal to U*U/R

Heating current I=U/R;

The board is designed for a maximum I (current) of 3A.




Charging Current:200A

Usage Scenario: Power BMS

Balance Function: Active Balanced BMS

Handware or Smart: SMART BMS

Charge and Discharge Port: Common Port BMS

Function: Overcharge Protection,Over Discharge Protection,Overcurrent Protection,Short Circuit Protection

Type: LIFEPO4 Battery BMS

Brand Name: JKBMS

Over charge protection: YES

Over discharge voltage: YES

Short circuit protection: YES

Balance function: YES

Bluetooth: YES

RS-485: YES


Accessory:Wire cable is free