2.4V 10Ah LTO Battery Toshiba Celles


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100% Brand New Grade A 2.4V 10Ah LTO Battery

1.High Energy Density: The LTO battery chemistry used in this product has a higher energy density compared to other lithium-ion batteries, which allows for longer run times and smaller battery size.

2.Long Cycle Life: LTO batteries have a longer lifespan and can withstand thousands of charge and discharge cycles without significant loss of capacity.

3.Fast Charging: The Toshiba 2.4V 10Ah LTO battery has a high charge acceptance rate, allowing it to be charged quickly without damaging the battery.

4.Wide Operating Temperature Range: LTO batteries can operate in a wider temperature range, making them suitable for use in extreme environments.

5.Safe and Reliable: LTO batteries are inherently safer than other lithium-ion batteries and have a lower risk of thermal runaway or explosion. They also have built-in safety mechanisms to prevent overcharging, over-discharging, and short circuits.


Item Performance
Material Toshiba Lithium-titanate-oxide (LTO)
Nominal capacity 10Ah
Nominal voltage 2.4V
Grade Brand New Grade A Cell
Terminal M4
Output Power 1800W*(SOC50%, 10s, 25℃)
Input Power 1500W*(SOC 50%, 10s, 25℃)
Volumetric energy density 92Wh/L
Weight energy density 47Wh/kg
Weight Approx. 510g
Dimensions (mm) W116 × D22 × H106 mmm
Output power density 6654.0W/Lcanshu
Output specific power 3529.4W/kg
Input power density 5545.0W/L
Input specific power 2941.2W/kg
Storage Temperature -10℃~35℃

Applications: widely used for applications that require short-time high power charge/discharge such as electric vehicles, household&industrial solar storage, car audio&car start, UPS etc.


Features / Advantages / Highlight

  • Safety: Low risk of fire or explosion
    In case of an internal short circuit, the lithium titanium oxide(LTO) in the anode layer of Toshiba 2.4V 10Ah LTO battery cell phase transforms to being highly resistive, thus minimizing risk of drastic current flow that may lead to rupture, fire, or other accidents.
  • Long life: Cycle life of 20,000 time or more
    The capacity remains at 70% or more even after 20,000 times of charging/discharging. Toshiba 2.4V 10Ah LTO battery cell also hassmall degree of deterioration even with float charging*, making it usable for applications that keep constant voltage such as backup power supply.
  • Rapid charging: Rapidly charges to about 80% of the capacity in 6 minutes
    The favorable anode charging characteristics provide rapid charging to about 80% of the capacity in 6 minutes.
  • Performance at low temperature: Usable even at -30°C
    Since there is almost no lithium metal deposition even at low temperature usage, repeated charging and discharging is possible at-30℃.
  • High input/output: Large current for both input and output
    Toshiba 2.4V 10Ah LTO battery cell can accept large current input and output. Thus, it can store large regenerative energy generated during deceleration of railways and automobiles, and can supply large current necessary for starting the motor.
  • Wide effective SOC range: Available SOC range of 0 to 100%
    Toshiba 2.4V 10Ah LTO battery cell exhibits excellent input/output characteristics over a wide SOC* range. This makes it possible to reduce the nominal battery capacity or amount of batteries necessary for a system, as compared to other batteries that have a narrower SOC range.