EBC-A40L Large Current Lithium Battery Capacity Tester Zketech


1. Zketech EBC-A40L is a high-current battery charge and discharge capacity tester for 5V battery and performance testing, through the online software with more extensions.

2. The EBC-A40L high-current lithium battery capacity tester is designed to charge and discharge batteries within 5V at a large current, the maximum current it supports is 40A in charging and 40A in discharging.

3.Connecting Pattern: Testing connector and PC connection(The EBC-A40L tester can connect with a computer through a designated USB-TTL cable)

Item Performance
Model Zketech EBC-A40L
Voltage Range Charge: 0~5V
Discharge: 0~5V
Voltage Accuracy 0.2% ± 0.003V
Current Range Charge: 0.1~40A
Discharge: 0.1~40A
Current Accuracy 0.2% ±0.01A
Discharge Mode CC constant current discharge / CP Constant power
Discharge Termination Time/ Voltage below limit/ Manual
Capacity Test Within 10Ah, the resolution is 0.001 Ah
10Ah-100Ah, resolution 0.01Ah
Above 100Ah, resolution 0.1Ah
Discharge Power Maximum 200W
Charge Mode CV constant current and voltage charging
Charge Termination Constant current below limit/ Manual
Cooling Method Active fan heating
Power Supply AC 200-240V

Testing Interface

1. The first line shows mode (CC-constant current), voltage, and current.
2. The second line shows the working process, working time (in minutes), and capacity (automatic switch between 0000mAh and 00.00Ah).
3. Working process reads OFF when the test stops and DSC or CHG in testing.
4. It shows AT1 if you choose automatic charging/discharging and 1 means step 1 of current testing.
5. A short press on the “SET” button and the display changes to power and energy.
6. In an auto test of “charge-discharge-charge”, you can check the test results of each step by spinning the “SET” knob.
7. Press the “ON” button to start discharging test (shows DSC) and one more press to stop (shows OFF).
8. You can open the setting interface by pressing on the “SET” button for 2 seconds in the stop state (This function is invalid when the tester is connected with the PC software).

Zketech EBC-A40L Large Current Lithium Battery Capacity Tester Test- Lightning Supply Zketech EBC-A40L Large Current Lithium Battery Capacity Tester Test- Lightning Supply(1)

Package List

Zketech EBC-A40L Large Current Lithium Battery Capacity Tester Package- Lightning Supply
  • 1 * Tester
  • 1 * Online Line
  • 1 * Test Line
  • 1 * Power Code


Product Application

The ZKETECH EBC-A40L Capacity Tester is suitable for various scenarios that require capacity testing and performance evaluation of batteries, including battery production, battery maintenance, and battery recycling.

Zketech EBC-A40L Large Current Lithium Battery Capacity Tester for LiFePO4 Battery- Lightning Supply Zketech EBC-A40L Large Current Lithium Battery Capacity Tester for LiFePO4 Primatic Battery- Lightning Supply Zketech EBC-A40L Large Current Lithium Battery Capacity Tester Application- Lightning Supply Zketech EBC-A40L Large Current Lithium Battery Capacity Tester Application- Lightning Supply(1)


1. The voltage of the test element (battery, etc.) cannot exceed 5V. If it exceeds 5V, the circuit board will be burned out and irreversible.
2. Positive and negative connections should not be reversed.
3. Always use the tester within the allowed range.


How to connect the battery to the tester?

The testers all use the 4-wire connection method, where A+A- is the current loop (with thick wires), and V+V- is the voltage measurement (with thin wires).

The tester cannot start discharging.

Check whether the termination voltage setting is correct, when the detected voltage is lower than the termination voltage tester will stop or not start.

The tester cannot connect to the computer

Whether the supporting online cable is used, whether the port selection is correct (you can check it in the device manager of the computer, the port must be within 10), whether the tester is in the stop state (if it has been started by pressing the button, the connection is prohibited).

How to set up the battery test?
  • 1.2V Ni-MH: charge current <= 0.25C, discharge current <= 0.5C, discharge voltage 1.0V.
  • 1.2V Nichrome: Charge current <= 0.25C, discharge current <= 0.5C, discharge voltage 0.8V.
  • 3.7V lithium battery: charging current <= 0.5C, charging voltage = 4.2V, discharging current <= 0.5C, discharging voltage 2.8V.
  • 3.2V lithium iron: charging current <= 1C, charging voltage = 3.65V, discharging current <= 1C, discharging voltage 2.5V.
  • 2V lead-acid: charging current <= 0.25C, charging voltage = 2.4V, discharging current <= 0.5C, discharging voltage 1.75V.

The test voltage of batteries connected in series is calculated by single cell x number of cells. Current has nothing to do with series connection. The capacity measured by the tester when connected in series is the capacity of a single cell.

(C is the discharge rate, numerically equal to the capacity, such as 2000mAh battery, 0.5C=1A).

How to set up the power test?

The current is set according to the required test value, and the voltage is generally set to a low value, such as a 12v power supply, set 10V to terminate. During the test, if the power supply voltage is lower than 10V, it will automatically stop.

How to test capacity?

The capacity is tested by constant current discharge, and it will be displayed after the test. Fully charge the battery first, then set the test current and the corresponding termination voltage for discharge, and the displayed capacity after discharge is the current actual capacity.

How does the tester with charge and discharge function do cycle test?

The tester is connected to the computer to support multiple cycles, generally only once in stand-alone operation, please refer to the manual for details.

Does the tester support parallel charging of multiple batteries?

When the battery consistency is good, multiple batteries can be charged in parallel.

How to choose the standard power supply 12v and 19v?

According to the charging voltage requirement, the charging voltage setting needs to be lower than the power supply voltage.

Can the tester test the battery internal resistance?

A series tester can test the internal resistance of a single battery through software when it is online. For details, refer to the software manual.

The battery cannot be tested normally when it is connected to the four-wire test stand

Check whether the copper pin connected to the center of the battery is in good contact with the metal shell on the outside.