EVE LF280K New Version LiFePO4 Prismatic Battery Cells


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100% Brand New Grade EVE LF280K New Version LiFePO4 Prismatic Battery Cells

1.  Reliable LiFePO4 Battery Provider: Manufactured by EVE, it has passed the highest level safety tests of UL and MSDS batteries, 100% safe, non-toxic, more reliable, and more stable in performance.

2. Perfect for Wide Application: Ideal for off-grid solar systems and outdoor applications such as back-up power, RV, camping, boats and more.

3. 10-Year Life & 6000+ Cycles: Excellent battery life far exceeds other LFP batteries and old lead-acid batteries on the market.

4. Full Capacity & Balanced/Matched: The self-discharge rate and capacity loss are very low, and the power is 40% higher than that of a full battery pack of the same capacity.

Item Performance
Brand EVE
Battery Model LF280K
Cell Grade Brand New Grade A Cell
Chemistry Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4 or LFP)
Nominal Capacity 280Ah
Nominal Voltage 3.2V
Operational Voltage 2.5V-3.65V
AC Impedance Resistance ≤0.25mΩ
Weight 5.49±0.3kg
Dimensions (mm) 207.2*173.7*71.7±0.5mm
Terminal M6 Laser Welding Stud
Cycle Life ≥6000 Cycles (Retention: ≥80%DOD)
Standard Charge and Discharge Charge/Discharge Current ≥0.5C/0.5C
Standard Charge and Discharge Charge/Discharge Cut-off Voltage 3.65V/2.5V
Continuous Charge/Discharge Current 1C/1C
Pulse Charge/Discharge Current(30s) 2C/2C
Recommended SOC Window 10%~90%
Residual Capacity Loss Per month ≤3%
Charging Temperature 0℃~60℃
Discharging Temperature -30℃~60℃

Product Feature

  • Intelligent factory design, high-performance consistency.
  • Square aluminum shell structure, and high-precision explosion-proof valve, high safety performance.
  • Low internal resistance, high discharge rate and stable discharge platform.
  • Long cycle life, the capacity retention ratio exceeds 80% after 6000 cycles at 1C/1C.
  • Green, the product conforms to GB, UN and ROHS directive.

Product Application And Connection

Electric vehicle, electric bikes, scooters, boats, submarines, golf carts, communications, energy storage, Intelligent network, etc

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1. One Cell will come with one set busbar, bolt, and washer for free. (e.g. 4 Cells will come with 4 pcs(busbars + bolts + washers) .
2. Each cell shall be used under the strict monitor, control, and protection by the BMS.
3. Before the first use, always charge the cells to full voltage.
4. We will match (capacity, voltage, resistance) all cells before delivery.
5. The battery is suitable for DIY lovers with experience.


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